Top Casino Resorts – Asia

Asia never used to have a strong reputation for gambling, but in recent decades this has begun to change. The wealth of countries such as Singapore and China has vastly increased, and tourism began to pick up as the nations became more appealing to foreign visitors. After this, the gambling and hotel industries began to invest heavily in certain locations. Macau was one of these and is now a gambling hub rivalling America’s Las Vegas. The resorts we’ve chosen are examples of great casino hotels with an Asian twist and we’ve included one from Macau and one from Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

This is another waterfront resort offering stunning views from its suites. This is thanks to its location being at the centre of Marina Bay. It’s got several towers and over 2500 rooms. Its located within easy reach of plenty of dining venues, entertainment establishments and other local attractions. Despite having such a large number of rooms, every single one is generously sized and has enough luxury to give guests a comfortable experience night after night. Every room is carefully cleaned and organised before you arrive so that you can start your holiday without a moment’s delay. The casino at Marina Bay Sands is enormous, and you’ll find that the staff are helpful and knowledgeable whenever you need them. It’s spread across two floors, has a food and drink station where you can refresh yourself without having to leave, and the queues are always small. Unrivalled entertainment options are also on offer for guests. These include the ArtScience Museum, a range of shops, several theatres, and some in-demand nightclubs. This means that you’ll be able to find a place to go at any hour of the day or night.

The Venetian Macau – China

Macau is one of the premier Far Eastern gambling destinations and has rapidly become known across the world for the unrivalled luxury and splendour that guests can find there. It used to be a fishing town but is now filled with attractions and amenities throughout. The rooms at the hotel begin at 70 square metres, meaning that you’ll always have room for all of your possessions and never feel cramped or closed in. Both the furniture and the decoration of every room has been paired to ensure everything is nice to look at. As the hotel is situated in a resort complex, there are many casinos available for guests to enjoy. If you’d like to arrive quickly, you can take a free bus service to the casinos. The casino facilities can become crowded, which is a sign of their popularity, but because they’re spacious, this is usually not too problematic. As for entertainment, The Venetian has an arena, a gondola ride, a canal, and a shopping centre, all of which are extremely popular and regularly attract thousands of people. The hotel itself also hosts numerous events, such as musicals, movie screenings and live performances covering various themes.